If you didn´t book your rental car in advance, we are offering you a transfer-service. To book this additional service, you have to ask  us on your enquiry.

Prices for individual transfers from the airport to the South East of Majorca (Cala d´Or area) or viceversa:


From 1 to 4 people: -68,00 euros (day) and 75,00 euros (night).  Per way.
Night Times: from 21:00h to 06:00h
From 5 to 8 people: 106,00 € per way.
From 9 to 14 people: 136,00 € per way.
From 15 to 23 people: 173,00 € per way.
  • This service is working 24 hours. It has to be booked at least 76 hours before arrival.
  • Departures from Mallorca's airport to your holiday area : you have to go to Mijura office, it is close to Gate F.
  • If you need safety chair (babies or children), you will have to request about this.
  • If you carry an extra luggage, you will have to advice us about it.
  • You will have to pay directly to your transfers' driver
  • We will need the following information:
    We will need follow information:
  • - Flight and origin.
  • - Arrival time
  • - Mobile phone number
  • -  People number
  • Flight number and departure time
  • - Departure time from your holiday area to Mallorca's airport, it will be 3 hours before flight departure time.
  • - People number 
  • 1.- Arrival day
    - Number flight and origin.
    - Arrival time
    - Telephone number
    -  People number
    2.- Departure day
    - Departure time
    - People number